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At Sioux Falls Hypnosis, you will learn master level skills in all aspects of professional hypnosis. You will get everything from history to business concerns and ethics to advanced clinical skills. It's unlike any other hypnosis training available. Sioux Falls Hypnosis’ professional hypnosis training goes far beyond the classroom lecture and emphasis on theory. The most common problem with hypnosis training today is that it's totally devoid of real world applicable skills that you can use to make a living.

 Not here.

His experience with hypnosis made feel comfortable and excited to learn how to incorporate the tool of hypnosis into my future practice. As a graduate student, Dr. Burow's knowledge and expertise surpassed my expectations which left me feeling more confident about my counseling abilities. The training provided the hands on experience I needed to fully understand the potential of hypnosis... If you are looking for the expert in hypnosis I would highly recommend Dr. Burow.   

 Jordan Davis Huron, SD

The Big Picture

Sioux Falls Hypnosis’ Professional Hypnosis Training understands the needs of today’s hypnotist and it covers everything. You be the judge.

  • History of Hypnosis - From darkness to light.
  • Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed - Yes, there are real secrets.
  • Hypnosis & the Law - All states are different.
  • Hypnosis & Religion - Acceptance.
  • Hypno-ethics - Personal and professional.
  • Suggestion Structure - Learn the lost art of masters like McGill, Elman, Erickson, and more
  • Increasing Hypnotic Capacity - Expand your clients hypnotic experience through conditioning, realization, physical and emotional phenomena.
  • Hypno-drama - Influence perception to emphasize reality instead of pre-conceived ideas, false attitudes and negative confirmation bias.
  • Hypnotic Phenomena - You will learn too many to list here. ideomotor, sensory motor, catalepsy, analgesia, anesthesia, number block and more.
  • Hypnotic Inductions - Become proficient inducing hypnosis, trance management, safety precautions and a suggestion structure that offers your client every possibility of complete success.
  • Client Handouts - See the best in the business. Hand-outs developed to inform, educate and represent the real benefits of hypnosis.
  • Complete Hypnosis for Weight Loss Model Program - A session by session account of what to do and how to perform a weight loss program proven to offer success.
  • Complete Stop Smoking Program - How to take the most chronic smoker and transform him into a non-smoker in three hours or less.
  • Self-hypnosis - Learn how to do it, benefit from it and teach your clients the same method.
  • Stress Management - A necessary component of any hypnosis program. Learn strategies that work instantly, offering your clients much needed relief.
  • Free Screening - Learn how to perform a free screening that prepares your client for success and simultaneously explains his responsibilities in the process of change.
  • Phone Etiquette - Exact wordings of how to answer the phone and the most asked questions. These scripts dramatically reduce no-shows and transform a skeptical caller into an anxious future client.
  • Ads & TV Commercials - Cutting edge marketing documents, commercials and digital media like this web site.
  • Endorsements - Documented endorsements of client success's will set you apart from your competition.
  • Service Guarantee - We encourage the use of a service guarantee similar to the one offered by CHC. It's fair, reassures your client and demonstrates confidence in your skills.
  • Hypnosis Office Layout & Decor - The way your office is laid out, the pictures on the wall, where products are displayed, all influence client results and success.

Your Time With an Expert

Professional Hypnosis Training can provide you with applicable and profitable skills, not just knowledge. But what's more important, is that you are trained and tutored by an expert in the field of hypnosis.

Our (hypnosis workshop) attendees raved about his cutting edge knowledge, warm manner of delivery, and seamless transition between topics. Dan is very articulate and answers questions with ease. Many of our participants commented that the sessions were not long enough and expressed a desire to see him present during a longer time slot. He is able to break down complex topics... at a level that even the layman can understand. His enthusiasm for knowledge and his desire to share that with others makes him a top-notch presenter. SDCA is looking forward to working with him again in the future.

 Rebecca Christiansen, LPC, NCC  SDCA Executive Director

Daniel Burow brings 20 plus years of experience to your training and he has had some of the best hypnosis teachers in the world. Each student will receive an abundance of personalized one on one attention. Private time is built into the course so you don't just reach your potential, you surpass it.

Daniel provides certification training to both lay people and license track clinicians who desire a career in hypnosis. He also provides supervision and training for hypnotists and hypnotherapists who desire to improve their outcome based work. He has extensive training in Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programing and was initially trained and supervised by Dr. Stephen Gilligan one of Milton Erickson's early students. Daniel wrote his doctoral dissertation on the use of hypnosis in psychotherapy supervision.

Daniel Burow is currently a student and supervisee of Scott McFall and he works closely with Scott to further develop his hypnosis and hypnotherapy skills.

Daniel is a trainer with the Master Hypnotist Society and he provides the 150 hours of training necessary for certification with MHS. Daniel provides this training for mental health clinicians as well as professional helpers and lay people who desire a career in hypnosis.

Daniel is a Fellow with the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. The professional hypnotherapy training provided by Daniel Burow meets the training standards of the National Board For Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists for professionals seeking certification by the board. Providers maintain responsibility for their programs of instruction, and agree to abide by NBCCH guidelines.

Sioux Falls Hypnosis Training Daniel Burow

Sioux Falls Hypnosis Training Daniel Burow

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